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Melrose for February

Simon the Melrose Lover

I'm always looking for an excuse to throw a photo of my kids in the is Simon the Melrose Lover wearing his new Scott Farkus hat (A Christmas Story).

This oil is yet another oil I never run out of. I'm pretty sure I say that everytime I talk about a new 'oil of the month' so you're probably envisioning this house filled with essential oils and you're pretty right on. I was noticing last night that there are oils in nearly every room, the problem is that now I can't ever find them when I'm looking for one in particular. This one is usually right on Simon's dresser top. The boy is prone to wicked ear infections. I guess it is just the way his little Eustachian tube lies.

This oil is a Young Living blend. It has Rosemary, Tea Tree, Clove, and Niaouli (Melaleuca Quinquenervia) in it. It smells positively medicinal to me, which makes perfect sense when you read the ingredients.

I put this oil on Simon's neck and around the rim of his ear as a preventative measure lately, wintertime and cheese encourage runny noses at our house. I also rub a bit of it under his jaw bone on the side of his face that is more prone to get an infection. Whenever snot shows up, this oil starts getting applied. He LOVES the way it smells. One morning I let him take it to school in his backpack because he was complaining of an earache when he woke up. I told him how he could put it on and to just be really careful about how much he used. He used it during the day - I supposed when his ear felt funky or maybe he just remember he had it. Of course he's been asking if he can take it all of the time now, "My teacher and my friends said it smelled so good! Please can't I take it again?"

So, as you probably gathered this oil is a great infection fighter. It is also a good fungus killer. If you have a skin fungus or wart this oil might be just the ticket.

It can be used to heal cuts, bruises, scrapes, insect bites, burns, rashes, cold sores, canker sores, and candida. I just read (because I had no idea) that is also helpful when used for tissue regeneration from damage or injury.

It is a great oil to use when dealing with respiratory problems.

It is a great oil to diffuse to kill odors, it will leave your room with a fresh/clean smell.

Back to the whole ear thing...I've read different opinions about putting oils directly into your ear, but I would never recommend this. I have however, on myself - a grown-up (most of the time), put a cotton ball with Melrose and Peppermint on it just right inside my ear to help heal an ear infection. I don't do this with Simon however. I'm assuming his ear infections will start to taper off as he gets a little bit older, as is usually the case with childhood ear infections. We do a lot of chiropractor visits and cranial sacral to work fluids around his sweet little melon and all of this helps.

I'll mention one more time, because I like to from time to time, the info that I'm sharing is just an array of personal success with oils, I'm no doctor. Dilution with children is a good idea and as always heed caution when using on children under the age of 1. I would probably stick to the basics like Roman Chamomile and Lavender for a tiny wee one.

This oil comes in a 15 ml bottle and it is $22.70 retail and  $17.25 wholesale. It is a good healer to add to your first aid kit.

Stay Warm, Stay Happy (use your Feelings Kit!) and hold strong winter will end. Someday...

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Peppermint Oil for Belly Aches

Sad Gus

I realized I've been neglecting the testimonials portion of this page - and I have a whole slew of them to share! Today reminded me of one of the best Peppermint Testimonials. When my Mother-In-Law was here for the holidays and the birth of my new niece...she had a belly ache one of the days we were relaxing and lounging about the house. I told her she ought to put a drop of Peppermint in her water bottle - so she did - and within minutes she commented on how she was feeling so much better.
That stuff is amazing, fer reals, you ought to give it a shot yourself the next time you have a sour stomach. One drop is equivalent to 26 cups of Peppermint tea - it'll fix you right up in a glass of water. You can just drop it right on your tongue (if you're brave) it will clear your sinuses and make your belly feel better!
I was reminded of this today when my little guy August was doubled over with a belly ache after some processed cheese at lunch time. Poor guy. He would cry out in agony when a gas bubble was making its way through his body. I put some Di-Gize on him and had him taste a tiny bit of it and massaged his belly with some Peppermint and V-6 for a few minutes. He pooped. And now he's running around like normal. And he's hungry, so I best sign off.

PS Peppermint is great for fevers, put it on the bottoms of feet and the heat will exit your body.

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Feeling the New Year

I'm only 14 (now 18) days into January before a post. My delay was pretty warranted if you ask me - I've been fulfilling doula responsibilities, entertaining family/company and the last two days just trying to decompress. Two new babes since the last "Oil of the Month" and one of them is my new baby niece! And she's amazing, but of course. We had a full winter break and frankly I'm ready for a break from that break - a vacation from our vacation - I'm sure you're all familiar. Ooh and here is my sweet new niece Sloane in all of her glory. I like to show her off whenever the opportunity arises.


So rather than choosing one oil this month I decided to talk about the Feelings Kit that is available through Young Living. It is a spendy little bugger but chock full of all kinds of things to start your new year off on the right foot. I have been feeling like our over-medicated world could benefit from each of us having and using one of these kits! During the births I recently attended I had the opportunity to talk to someone very inspirational to me and get her take on our over-medicated world. It has reached a threshold that is quite unnerving. People walk around without feeling anything, numbness, so they can go about their daily tasks. I honestly believe it is important to cry, laugh, feel depressed, feel overwhelmed, have anxiety, be anxious about social situations, be sad, be happy, be motivated, be elated, be anything that hibernates inside of us. Of course not all of your emotions are on the forefront every moment throughout the day, but that doesn't mean they aren't riding in the backseat. Everyone is capable of feeling any of the above emotions and a whole slew more that I didn't even name. We are born feeling and it is healthy to feel. Sometimes it is hard to slow down our busy lives to take time to feel or deal with those feeling around us, like our kiddos, but it is very important all the same.

Since I tend to keep things on this blog fairly medically-minded, this Feelings Post was a bit of a stretch for me to blog about, but I think it is really important to your physical and mental health to work with your feelings and emotions on a regular basis. Your mental health is directly related to your physical health. Stress is linked to illness and you know 'that' feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when something bad happens? There is a physical response in my being that occurs when something emotional occurs in my mind. My White Angelica post is a perfect example of how I use oils to keep myself mentally 'in a good space'.

I will follow this entry up with a post on feelings more geared toward kids, and a friend's awesome blog that can be used as a resource for those of you with kids. I have the tools for sale in my toy store. I will touch more on that soon...for now...back to the Feelings Kit.

All Young Living Essential Oils give off different frequencies - just as we do as human beings on the earth. The oils are meant to work with your body to aid you in healing in both physical and emotional ways, to bring your frequency to the optimum level. The oils in the kit are blends of single essential oils that are all amazing. I think most of the names speak for themselves. If you are a smeller and you want to smell mine before you decide to take the plunge please let me know and I will hook you up. Here they are....

Forgiveness: Melissa (Melissa Officinalis), geranium (Pelargonium Graveolens), frankincense (Boswellia Carterii), rosewood (Aniba Rosaeodora), sandalwood (Santalum Album), angelica (Angelica Archangelica), lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia), lemon (Citrus Limon), jasmine (Jasminum Officinale), Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum Nobile), , bergamot (Citrus Aurantium Bergamia), ylang ylang (Canaga Odorata), palmarosa Cymbopogon Martini, helichrysum (Helichrysum Italicum), and rose (Rosa Damascena) in a base of sesame seed oil.

Harmony: Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), sandalwood (Santalum album), ylang ylang (Cananga odorata), frankincense (Boswellia carteri), orange (Citrus aurantium), angelica (Angelica archangelica), geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis), spruce (Picea mariana), Spanish sage (Salvia lavandulifolia), rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora), lemon (Citrus limon), jasmine (Jasminum officinale), Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile), bergamot (Citrus bergamia), palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii), and rose (Rosa damascena).

Inner Child: Orange (Citrus aurantium), tangerine (Citrus nobilis), jasmine (Jasminum officinale), ylang ylang (Cananga odorata), spruce (Picea mariana), sandalwood (Santalum album), lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus), and neroli (Citrus aurantium).

Present Time: Neroli (Citrus aurantium), spruce (Picea mariana) and ylang ylang (Cananga odorata) in a base of almond oil.

Release: Ylang ylang (Cananga odorata), lavandin (Lavandula x hybrida), geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), sandalwood (Santalum album) and blue tnsy (Tanacetum annuum) in a base of olive oil.

Valor: Spruce (Picea mariana), rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora), blue tansy (Tanacetum annuum) and frankincense (Boswellia carteri) in a base of almond oil.

Here is a PDF put out by Young Living.

Peaceful healing and much peace into this brand new year!

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Nutmeg for December

Snowy Simon and Gus

Look at my sweet little snow monkeys.

Ooh nothing like some Nutmeg in your holiday pumpkin pie. This is an oil that I don't use often enough but it seemed fitting to talk about this time of year. Of course you'll want to always keep in mind that the Immune Boosting oils are ever-increasingly important this time of year so if you have a second you should look back at that post to refresh yourself.

I've also had a lot of requests for more First Aid Kit information - I will try and do a refresher in the new year.

So back to my choice for December. I decided to challenge myself a bit - this is an oil that I own - but it was given to me and I rarely use it - even though I really like the smell of it. It just isn't an oil that comes to mind when I'm looking for a quick fix to an upset stomach, owie, headache, or head cold (most common complaints at our house these days). So what would I even use that sweet smelling Nutmeg for? This is the very question I asked I'm going to share with you what I found out.

Just as you would think this oil is a very comforting and soothing oil - it reminds me of the holidays and that always brings a little warm feeling to my heart. I'm such a total cheeseball for the holidays. I look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas all year round. So, why not diffuse a little bit of Nutmeg to get you in the spirit? Nutmeg supports the adrenal glands to give you energy, so if you are feeling a bit drained you can use this for an extra good smelling boost.

It supports your nervous and endocrine systems and is helpful with prostaglandin balance. It is an anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, antiseptic, stimulant (cerebral and circulatory) a laxative and a tonic.

There are an array of uses for Nutmeg . It may help with arthritis, bacterial infection, circulation, gas, gout, impotence, immune support, joints, menstruation (regulates scanty periods and soothes pains), muscle aches and pains, nausea, nervous fatigue, supports your nervous system, and vomiting. It has also been said to assist with loss of appetite, chronic diarrhea, digestion, gallstones, halitosis, and rheumatism. Phew, now that is quite the list.

One thing I'd like to mention is a warning that I read about the use of Nutmeg if you are epileptic - you should not use Nutmeg if you have epilepsy or are prone to seizures.

I took the majority of this information from the Reference Guide for Essential Oils.

AWS Access Key ID: AKIAIBE6QVWTFTSDTYGA. You are submitting requests too quickly. Please retry your requests at a slower rate.

Ooh I also just read in my Essential Oils Desk Reference that Nutmeg is good for ulcers, it is a good liver protectant, and helps to increase the production of melatonin. It is also used for hypertension. This info comes from this book...

AWS Access Key ID: AKIAIBE6QVWTFTSDTYGA. You are submitting requests too quickly. Please retry your requests at a slower rate.

So there you have it, a 5 ml bottle of Nutmeg for $15.46 retail or $11.75 wholesale would be a great addition to your oil collection. Plus it is the perfect holiday oil. You can ingest, diffuse or topically apply this oil. Of course I'll remind you - I'm not doctor, but these oils have worked just like medicine for my family - that's why I love to share info about them!

Happy Holidays to all of you fellow oil lovers, and keep in mind that giving oils as a gift is a great unique gift and who wouldn't love a bottle of oil (or 2 or 3) to keep them healthy year round?! Go here to purchase oils if you'd like to stuff someone's stocking with goodness. In the spirit of giving I'm giving away a bottle of Peppermint oil this month. It will be given away on my facebook page so go there and "like" it. Yes I'm bossing you - simply write something sweet on Mama Loves Oils' wall preferably oil related - maybe just tell me what your favorite oil is and why...and I'll randomly select a winner on the 20th - so you'll get your Peppermint oil in time for Christmas. You can drop a drop or two in your hot chocolate on Christmas morning. AND - I'm giving away a bottle of Nutmeg on this here page so leave comments here to qualify for that spectacular prize. I want to hear about the oils you love and how you use please share!

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Ear Infection

Precious Oils

These were the precious rescue remedies for the most recent ear infection that Simon endured. Poor guy has gotten occasional ear infections since he was a bitty guy. We had antibiotics for the very first one, he was probably only about 6 months old and he had a horrible allergic reaction - that was 6 years ago. My kids haven't had antibiotics since then. We use homeopathy, tinctures, chiropractic, and essential oils!

Cup of Tea

Of course a cup of tea will help with a cold. So don't miss that cup of tea in the photos.

The Goods

Here we have it, Mullen Garlic Ear Drops alternating with hydrogen peroxide (every other time), Helichrysum, Oregano, Copaiba, and Melrose. This is what worked for us, in a day 1/2. I did give Simon some Motrin for the pain the first day because it all began at school and it was in full force by the time he got home.


A heating pad is pretty key also. Simon laid on the couch a lot with a heating pad on his ear. I put the Oregano on the bottom of his feet to fight the infection. The Helichrysum was for pain, I rubbed it right on his neck where the eustachian tube is and around the rim of his ear. I used the Copaiba in addition to the Helichrysum to make it a bit stronger. Copaiba is an oil that increases the potency of the other oils that you use with it. And finally Melrose - also on the eustacian tube several times throughout the day to get rid of the infection.

And there you have it - that's what worked for us this time. There are certainly substitutes. Peppermint and the Deep Relief Roller can also be amazing and I actually used the Deep Relief Roller on his neck from time to time this time around - it just didn't make the photo shoot.
Happy Natural Healing!

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New Website for Ordering

Lip Balm Trio

I just decided to start a Young Living web site for people order from. I will test it out for a month or so and see if it is beneficial or not. To visit it go to and browse about. I hope you find this helpful, maybe there are some holiday gifts you're looking for! If you are already a distributor don't forget to login to the virtual office. If you live nearby of course I'm still happy to put things on my monthly order for you, but in order to receive things in time for the holidays I would recommend you place your order during November!
Happy Holiday Ordering!

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White Angelica for November

Greenough Leaves

This is the time of year that I have to be pretty careful with myself. I find myself getting overwhelmed with too much holiday preparation (I own a toy store), and I tend to stretch myself a bit too thin. It is just in my nature to give most of myself to others (as I know is also the case for many of you) so I find it pretty important to have some White Angelica on my shoulders whenever possible. When I forget, I can tell. I made a vow with myself to protect myself this fall/winter so that I can be the best protector to Simon and Gus possible. I also made a pact with myself while walking through Greenough Park this morning to SLOW DOWN. I race through my day - cramming things into every single open second - wasting no time and I think I need to start wasting a little bit of time. So, after I fell down on our walk this morning, with Gus on my back in the Ergo, we stopped to watch the leaves fall for a bit. I needed to stop for a little recoup of my aching knee, but I also needed to stop to just watch the freakin' leaves fall. It was pretty incredible, they were like gigantic yellow snowflakes. We just stood, collected the leaves we saw fall, rescued a few that were stuck , and just had a few calm minutes to 'be'.

I smelled this oil before I decided I wanted it and smelling it was what made me decide I had to have it! I saved up my Essential Rewards points and got it for myself - it was my first rewards "cash in." The oil is a blend of several oils - Bergamot, geranium, myrrh, sandalwood, rosewood, ylang ylang, spruce, hyssop, melissa and rose in a base of almond oil. There is something soothing and magical about this oil. I don't mean to sound hokey but it really has been an amazing oil for me. It is very uplifting. It is a calming oil. It makes me feel better when I'm feeling down.

I use this oil to protect me from negative energy. This oil encourages feelings of protection and security. It combines oils used during ancient times to enhance the body's aura, which brings about a sense of strength and endurance.

White Angelica is for topical or aromatic use. Diffuse or wear on top of shoulders, along spine, on crown of head, wrists, behind ears and on the back of the neck. Excellent in a bath.

I tend to take the scientific route, usually, when I'm presenting my 'oil of the month' but this oil is one I will be using like crazy the next couple of months so I thought it would be a good one to share. I wish you could smell it through the computer...I bet you'd put it on your wish list!

White Angelica

It is only the special few that I share a drop or two with, but if you want one, or maybe you need one, I'll get one or two or maybe even three to you. Retail this oil is $72.04. Wholesale it is $54.75.

Happy Fall! Happy November!

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Quick Lavender Testimonial


A friend sent this over the other day and wanted to share her experience. In lieu of this testimonial - I've created a new category. Feel free to please send me your testimonials and I'll post them in this category. "Sharing is learning" one of the most important things I've discovered from incorporating these oils into my life. I've added several testimonials in the midst of the tons of previous posts, but with this specific category I think it will be nice for those who want to hear about how essential oils work for others and possibly gather some new ideas for uses.

Yada Yada Yada - I know I can go on and is her very brief testimonial.

"I had an amazing experience with Lavender the other night.  I had really intense cramps,which I always do and I put many drops on my lower belly (basically right above the cervix) and within minutes the cramps were gone!!!"

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Sandalwood in October

Simon Alton

This handsome little devil is the reason for the oil selection this month. Dang he sure is a cute one! This is Simon's very favorite oil. I just asked him if we should send Auntie Tole an oil for her birthday and he said "Yep, Sandalwood, and then get me another bottle." He wanted to send her the open bottle that is practically empty, but of course get another fresh/full bottle for ourselves. How thoughtful?.

Sandalwood is a single oil but it is found in many of the Young Living Blends and it smells delicious! It has many healing properties in addition to its delicious aroma. It generally triggers memories for those that smell it, simply because it isn't a new smell to most. Simon loves this oil at bedtime, it helps him to relax and drift off to sleep. It is a natural sedative. He usually gets a bit rubbed on his back when he lays down. It is an all around calming oil, so we use it often to soothe frayed emotions or help with sad times around our abode.

The first time I came across it was right when I started using oils because I was looking up oils that might be helpful in combating or avoiding bladder infections and bladder issues and this oil was first on the list. It stimulates the production of urine and causes muscles to contract, helping to flush excess liquids from the body.

This oil is very beneficial to your skin, it improves dry/cracked skin by drawing natural oils through the soft tissues to the surface, so it is found in many shampoos, body washes and skin care products. Sandalwood and Frankincense are both in my ART skincare system, that I'm loving by the way! Sandalwood is a natural antiseptic and preservative making it beneficial in soaps, creams, etc.

Since it is an antiseptic it also helps to fight infection.

It is also an antitumoral and antiviral oil and can be used as an immune stimulant. Use this oil on your cold sores, wrinkles, scars, and acne.

Sandalwood is a good digestive aid, eases nausea, gas and other digestive discomforts. It can be a great oil to use for colic.

Sandalwood is also considered an aphrodisiac and it is a good oil to use for stress relief. Some good pairings might be Lavender and/or Bergamot. I like it all by itself the most. It doesn't really seem to need a pairing, but of course you can be the judge of that.

It is a wonderful oil to use while meditating or practicing yoga.

This oil is a bit on the spendy side, it is $91.78 retail for a 5 ml bottle, or $69.75 wholesale so if you aren't signed up for wholesale and you want this oil, before you order might be a good time to do so. Or if you are an Essential Rewards participant maybe you'd like to use your points for this special bottle of oil?

So there you have it, and that certainly isn't all of it, but it is a bit to get you started.

For those interested discussion group will be held on October 28th at Walking Stick Toys from 7-9.

This oil is found in the following Young Living Products (I thought I'd put it at the end for those interested): 3 Wise Men, Acceptance, ART Skincare line, Awaken, Boswellia Wrinkle Cream, Brain Power, Dream Catcher, Forgiveness, Gathering, Harmony, Highest Potential, Inner Child, Inspiration, Lady Sclareol, Magnify Your Purpose, Release, Transformation, Trauma Life and White Angelica.

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Immune Boosting Essential Oils

last camping trip

It is officially fall! This was our last camping trip of the summer...and it felt like fall! We could see our breath during dinner but it was the best way imaginable to wrap up the summer.

Monster Carrot

Remember those seeds we planted? We are enjoying our  fall harvest, and so happy we decided to finally plant ourselves a garden.

In lieu of the onset of autumn...I thought I would share some immune boosting tips with my sweet readers and fellow oil lovers.  Of course you want to keep your family and yourself healthy, it seems once a cold is had, the entire winter is filled with more and more. We have several lines of defense around the Hickey House, but our essential oils are by far the most effective (as long as we are applying them frequently). Topical application isn't the only way to use your oils, don't forget about diffusing, taking them internally, steaming, inhaling, etc. If you don't have a reference guide I highly recommend you get one so you can use your oils to their fullest potential.

Here is our 'routine' for supporting immune systems and fending off the cold and flu bugs that float about our toy store, preschool and elementary school (we have germs coming from all over Missoula). We take probiotics daily. My kids take Dino probiotics that taste like black cherry and Young Living makes a probiotic called Life 5 that I'm going to start taking as soon as my current supply is used up.

We also take Vitamin D all winter/fall long, this healthy tip was something a good friend taught me last fall and it makes a big difference for us, we just don't get enough sunshine during the winter months around here.

Of course Vitamin C is huge, and in addition, Shane and I both started taking True Source daily. If you are super hardcore you could get the Core Supplement Daily Super Pack. It has a whole mess of good stuff in it, including the True Source.

I've also got a hefty supply of Emergen-C on hand, so if someone feels like they are coming down with something this is a wonderful boost. And, I swear by Inner Defense. This product has worked for us time and time again so it is one that we keep on hand all year round. I would recommend however that this be taken with food, and I wouldn't give it to my children, but it is good for all of you "grown-ups."

These are the oils that I found during my research that are wonderful immune boosting oils. In an attempt to keep things semi-brief, so that you don't decide you'd rather find something more interesting to read, I'll simply list the oil and link it to Young Living's description.

Immupower, Thieves Essential Oil as well as all of the other Thieves products (Foaming Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizer, and Spray to name a few), Clove, Raven, Ravensara, Rosemary, Melaleuca or Melrose, Mountain Savory, Exodus II and your trusty Lemon. My water bottle always has a little bit of Lemon oil in it, so does Simon's and so does August's.

For stimulating your immune system Cinnamon Bark (which is found in your Thieves Oil), Frankincense and Lavender are all must haves! You can apply these oils along your spine and underarms. I would dilute the Cinnamon Bark, it may be hot, just make sure you do test patches or have your olive oil or V-6 handy. And, as always, make sure you test oils on yourself before you put them on your kiddos.

I think the Raindrop kit is another wonderful tool. I use many of the oils individually from this kit, but when the bad stuff sets in we bust out the entire kit and everyone gets a raindrop experience at our house. It is a wonderful way to boost your immune system or to aid in getting you back to your healthy self again when you are under the weather. If you asked me to pick just one oil from this kit that I think you must have during the winter months, I would say Oregano!

Another amazing kit is the Golden Touch Kit, so if you are missing some of the oils from this kit I suggest stocking up now. I have a friend who is a nurse and she swears by this kit, she says it has everything she needs to keep her immune system up...working in the medical field...I think that's all the testimonial anyone would need. The oils in this kit are - Di-Gize, EndoFlex, JuvaFlex, Melrose, Raven, RC and Thieves (all blends made by Young Living).

I also just ordered myself some dried wolfberries to enjoy when I don't have my Ningxia Red on hand, since it too is a great immune defense - chock full of goodness.

I'm not a medical professional, but I like to share with others what works for us, and these oils are mind-blowing time and time again. We are a pretty healthy bunch.

Be well and have a healthy fall and winter! If you have questions about ordering anything please contact me...I'll hook ya up. If you are interested in wholesale pricing we should chat.

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